Download Clash of Paradise 2020

Clash of Paradise is free and unofficial private server of the Clash of Clans. This private server has work command and without any error, you can attack others with the help of this private server. You can play Clash of Paradise on both devices Android and iOS. This private server is very different from the official private servers because it comes with too many mods and provides you unique gaming experience. When you start you will get unlimited dark elixir, golds, gems, elixir and many more.

If you are using the Clash of Paradise then you don’t have to wait to build new bases. This private server comes with the limit of 1000 buildings and also you have multiple troop numbers,

Features of Clash of Paradise:

  • It comes with too many features like a friendly challenge and unlimited sources all the features make the best experience
  • You can get unlimited troops
  • War of clans
  • Different types of challenges
  • Provide you unlimited gems, golds and many more in just one minute
  • Administrator Commands
  • Clash paradise private server provides you too many administrator commands that you can use. Different commands are given below.

/ easy -> This command is used to get a maximum base

/ update -> With the help of this command you can update all your existing buildings and can update at the high level

/ cut -> With this command you can remove all rocks, trees, etc.

/ suicidal -> If you want to suicide in a game or you want to attack your own base then you have to use this command

Clash of Paradise private server provides you the unlimited gems, golds and many more

About private servers:

Clash of Clans private servers are very secure and safe and run in real-time, so these private servers cannot be hacked or modified. If you want to get the Clash of Clans private servers then you have to download and install the private server APK on your Android device.

After installing the private server you can get unlimited elixirs, gems, and golds in the Clash of Clans game. Private servers also provide you the unlimited resources, troops and also custom defenses

Installation Process Of Clash Of Paradise:

  • First, you have to download Clash of paradise APK
  • After downloading the APK go to the settings of your phone and allow the Unknown Sources to install the APK.
  • Install the Clash of Paradise APK
  • Now enjoy the game


The Clash of Paradise server is the only server that allows you to complete things in just one minute and the other feature of this private server is that it can’t be hacked. You can get unlimited gems, golds, unlimited troops and many more. It comes with the different types of challenges and the Clash war.  So don’t wait for more to enjoy the Clash of Paradise just download it and enjoy the game